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Tradeshow Creative LLC Policies & Terms of Use

Tradeshow Creative, LLC Reserves the right to display for portfolio purposes any design or concept finished or incomplete, sold or unsold across all mediums including Print, Web and Video.


Tradeshow Creative, LLC Reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.

Tradeshow Creative, LLC reserves the right to excercise the Tradeshow Creative LLC Ethics Policy which prohibits service on projects for any industry producing or subsidizing the following items: Firearm Manufacturing, sales or marketing; Meat production, marketing or Animal Agriculture; Hunting; Animal Testing; Scientology cult.


Tradeshow Creative, LLC cannot be held liable for any damages due to declination of services in accordance with the Tradeshow Creative, LLC Ethics Policy for any projects sold or pre-sold by client without prior written notification, consent and confirmation by Tradeshow Creative, LLC.

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